I'm not sure if I should consign or not? 

 If you want to get the most money for your collection, then you should really consider consigning them to us. Here’s an example of how you’ll get the best deal. Let’s have a look at Auction houses. A poster that sells for £100 at auction will actually cost the buyer £130 due to the dreaded buyers premiums of 30%. The seller will also get deducted 20% meaning they will receive £80.

So the auction house will receive £50 out of a £100 sale for selling your poster. This hasn’t even taken into account the fact that your poster you could sell for considerably less than market value.

Now consider Ebay, who will take a 10% cut of any sale you make. However, the place is a minefield where there are many dodgy buyers and Paypal will almost always side with the buyer.

Consignment selling is better for sellers that are not in a hurry. A poster that sells at auction price for £100 would usually retail at £150 or more. So with our 25% commission which is far less than the dreaded buyer premiums that buyers take into consideration when purchasing a poster, you’ll receive £113 on a £150 sale.

The only downside is that you have to wait for the poster to sell BUT you will get a better return than the auction house sale.

I want to get the best value for my movie posters, what do I do next? 

Simply email me at info@timelessmoviemagic.co.uk with a list of your posters. Please include title, size and a general condition guide. Then I will send two consignment forms out for you to sign with a list of what posters you have sent.  Keep a form for yourself and return the other one with your posters.

We will accurately describe the posters, take good clear images, advertise to our 1095 (as of 21/03/2021) email subscribers and promote them on our social media channels. We have a strong, loyal customer base who are always looking to buy movie posters

All you need to do is sit back and receive your monthly update as to how your collection is selling.

What are your rates?


We are mainly looking for titles from 1930-1990 and must have a value of at least £40, however if you are consigning a large collection we will consider posters with slightly less value.


Up to £40 - 50%

£41- £99 – 28%

£100 and above -  20%