The First Star Wars UK Poster
Many people think that the artist Tom Chantrell was responsible for the first UK Original Star Wars poster.  Whilst he is the artist for the most recognisable Star Wars movie poster it is in fact the Hildebrandt brothers who created the...
Citizen Kane (1941)
Citizen Kane, released in 1941 and often voted in the top ten films ever made, is the latest subject for our blog, read on and enjoy.
Chesty Morgan Promotional Calendar
This week’s highlight is the promotional calendar for the Chesty Morgan film Deadly Weapons.
Guide to Packaging Folded Movie Posters
Being a member on Movie Poster forums and various groups I’ve heard and seen many horror stories of packages arriving with severe damage. At timelessmoviemagic we take extra care in packaging. We realise that the poster the customer has purchased...
Beware: Fake Godzilla Poster
The hobby of Movie Poster collecting can be a minefield sometimes. The recent fake Godzilla Festival poster is one such story that collectors should be aware about.